The Expat Media Hub is exclusively for off and online media designed to inform global nomads, international students and trainees, migrants and corporate career climbers and their families, lifestyle retirees, tax exiles; and any other segment residing abroad for more than six months per year.

Terms of Use

The Expat Media Hub is free for off and online media owners to upload their information and it is free for members of the public and any other parties to access, subject to signing up.

The portal is exclusively for the purpose of presenting information about media that serve those living outside their country of origin, for example Filipinos in the US, French in Hong Kong, Moroccans in Spain, British in the Middle East or Dutch around the world not living in the Netherlands.

Relevant expatriate audiences are considered to be global nomads, contract and migrant workers, expat spouses, tax exiles, lifestyle retirees, international students and any other segment that resides abroad for more the 6 months each year.

It is not for mass market media. To clarify this point, The Guardian Weekly edition would be permissible, The Guardian UK national edition wouldn’t. If such media are uploaded they will be removed.

Those that are permitted to upload content into The Expat Media Hub are those that are first and foremost authors, bloggers, journalists and media owners; not companies that have developed information portals and other forms of marketing material, unless they are a partner of The Expat Survey.

Only partners of The Expat Survey are allowed to upload their content alongside those stated above providing its nature is specifically to inform, support and guide expatriates. Direct selling and promotional style advertising are not allowed and will be removed if deemed to be of this nature.


We do not sell data under any circumstances. The only parties that may contact you as a result of signing up to The Expat Media Hub are The Expat Media Hub and The Expat Survey, both owned by i-World Research, an intelligence unit dedicated to understanding the needs of those that are outside their fatherland.