The Expat Media Hub is exclusively for off and online media designed to inform global nomads, international students and trainees, migrants and corporate career climbers and their families, lifestyle retirees, tax exiles; and any other segment residing abroad for more than six months per year.

About The Expat Media Hub

An expatriate is quite simply any individual that lives outside their country of origin. Derived from Medieval Latin in the mid-18th century expatriat – ‘gone out from one’s country’, from the verb expatriare, from ex – ‘out’ and patria ‘native country’.

The number of people residing outside their country of origin continues to increase. There are now more than 235 million ‘expatriates’ constituting the equivalent of the fifth most populated country and the third largest economy.

It is a diverse and complex marketplace served by many forms of media dedicated to ensuring expatriates access the information and services they need to fulfil their lives abroad.

The Expat Media Hub has been established to create the world’s largest index of off and online media serving those living abroad; so that no matter where you are in the world or what nationality you are, you can look up whatever media resource is relevant to you.

This includes media aimed at lifestyle expats, overseas contract and migrant workers, students, high net worth individuals and global nomads.

In a world where global mobility it escalating, the number of all types of expatriates is growing. Maintaining connectivity with your roots, as well as being able to find the information resources you need to empower you in your daily life as an expatriate we know is essential.

The Expat Media Hub aims to bring all these off and online media together in one place to serve all nationalities residing in a foreign land.

Search blogs, books, events, forums, magazines, newspapers, radio stations and shows, Television stations and shows and websites.

If you are a media owner serving foreign nationals and you aren’t already listed in The Expat Media Hub, please contact us today to claim your free micro-site page.

The Expat Media Hub was launched on the 10th September 2015 and is continuously updating its content, so please check back with us on a regular basis.