The Expat Media Hub is exclusively for off and online media designed to inform global nomads, international students and trainees, migrants and corporate career climbers and their families, lifestyle retirees, tax exiles; and any other segment residing abroad for more than six months per year.

User Guide

for authors, journalists and media owners

The Expat Media Hub has been developed with the aim of creating the largest global directory of off and online expatriate media. This can be media serving global nomads, international students and trainees, lifestyle retirees, overseas workers and their families, migrants, tax exiles, any segment that resides abroad for more than six months per year.

This service is free of charge!

The Expat Media Hub welcomes the submission of directory pages by authors, journalists and media owners whose primary objective is to inform those living outside their country of origin. This can be media that serves any nationality in any country, not just English language media.

Follow the step by step guide below for how to use and make the most of The Expat Media Hub

Simply click on ENTER EXPAT MEDIA HUB on the home page and register to create an account.

Then click on the left hand side of the landing page where it asks;

‘Are you an author, journalist or media owner?’


If you have more than one form of media, for example a newspaper, e-newsletter service, website and blog, then we recommend that you create a separate directory page for each media service in order to maximise the effectiveness of ‘search’.

If you have media that are dedicated to different audiences or territories again we recommend you create a separate page for each.

This is easy to do. Once you have created your first directory page just go to SUBMIT AN ITEM on the top menu bar and create your second directory page, then repeat the same process again for each additional page you want to upload.


You may also want to raise awareness of a new book, special feature or event, or a pod-cast or video, again whenever you want to promote your various forms of media all you have to do is LOGIN and SUBMIT AN ITEM to create an additional directory page.

Each time you do this it will display your latest addition to the hub on the front home page.

Should you have any questions about The Expat Media Hub, queries with regards to this User Guide or experience any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact me.


Emma Wood – Director

[email protected]

– +44 (0)20 8464 8787