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The Blevins Franks Guide to Taxes in Malta

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The Blevins Franks Guide to Taxes in Malta.

The Maltese islands have much to offer expatriates. Malta is a stable EU Member State, where English is one of the two official languages. It has a relatively low cost of living, an excellent health care service and a low crime rate. It is steeped in history and its active social and cultural life caters for all ages. To add to all this, it has around 300 days of sunshine a year.

Besides offering a very favourable tax regime to foreign nationals, there are no wealth taxes or rates or council taxes in Malta.

This 15-page guide looks at many of the issues facing people moving to Malta, to raise awareness of the ones that may affect you. It has 15 chapters, including –
 Where are you tax resident?
 What tax will you pay in Malta?
 What about tax treaties?
 Are your investments tax efficient for you?
 What about your pension income?
 What about offshore bank interest?
 What about tax-efficient investment structures?
 Will you have to pay inheritance tax in Malta?
 Who is going to inherit your assets?
 The different residence programmes in Malta
 Rates of tax

Download your complimentary copy here:

Blevins Franks has been providing specialist, professional financial advice to British expatriates for decades, and has earned a reputation as the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in Europe. We take a holistic approach to tax planning, succession issues, investments, pensions and asset protection, and have in-depth knowledge of Maltese and UK taxation, and the interaction between them.

Blevins Franks is a substantial, well established company, with 22 offices across six countries and highly skilled teams of people committed to meeting our clients’ needs. Our overriding aim is to give clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing their financial affairs are in order. We focus on providing the optimum service and solutions to preserve the value of your wealth in real terms, during your lifetime and through to the next generations




The Blevins Franks Guide to Taxes in Malta
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The Blevins Franks Guide to Taxes in Malta

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The Blevins Franks Guide to Taxes in Malta
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The Blevins Franks Guide to Taxes in Malta



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