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Doing Business in China

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our videos about cultural agility and cultural understanding. Over the last 30 years, we have worked with global organizations of all kinds, and learned that “soft issues,” such as learning the host language, everyday living, and cultural understanding, are what make or break assignments.

In our recent survey, over 80% of respondents said that their organization thinks it is important for assignees and business travelers to be culturally competent, and that cross-cultural training is a necessity. Over 90% of respondents said their organization would like to provide assignees with cultural training, using a flexible online learning platform.

One of the limiting beliefs about cultural training has been that offering an online learning platform is that globally mobile individuals are unable to take full advantage of it. However, the newest learning platforms offer a high degree of portability. This means users can learn anywhere — not only in a classroom environment or the office, but at home, or even during travel. Research shows that improved access to content motivates employees to learn more.

Another limiting belief about cultural training is that an online learning platform cannot be adequately customized to meet an individual user’s needs. Yet, new platforms are designed to achieve this because the more specific the content, the more learning takes place.

What are the benefits of specific content? Knowing protocol and etiquette can minimize misunderstanding, reinforce business relationships, and guide you to a more successful outcome.

Let’s look at one of the globe’s top assignment destinations, China:

What are typical working hours?
What is appropriate business attire?
What are common attitudes regarding women in the workplace?
How are business meetings are conducted?
When and where do businesspeople socialize?

Click here for the answers to these questions, and many more!




Doing Business in China
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Doing Business in China
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Doing Business in China
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Doing Business in China



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